Is it possible to sell luxury fragrances at affordable prices?

Is it possible to sell luxury fragrances at affordable prices?

We thought this was impossible, until we started making them.

After analysing the business models and economics of the fragrance industry, we discovered that most of the money paid for a perfume does not go into the actual scent you love to wear every day. You can learn about the breakdown by reading our previous post. 

This was our WOW moment: we realised that, by making the manufacturing and distribution process more efficient, we could be smarter about costs and pass on the savings to you without compromising quality.

So what is our secret formula? At Purple Scent we love transparency, so we decided to put it all together in a list of simple rules: you will see that there is no black magic involved, just a lot of common sense!

So here we go:

Rule # 1: we work with the best UK suppliers. Quality cannot be compromised on, so we purchase our fragrance oils and components from the best UK-based suppliers. Sticking with UK suppliers also helps us cut the cost of logistics, a saving we pass on to you.

Rule # 2: we draw inspiration from top selling luxury fragrances. To ensure our customers fall in love with our fragrances, we need to know what our customers love. Instead of re-inventing the wheel, we draw inspiration from the top selling fragrances that millions of people already love using. 

Rule # 3: we sell directly to you over the internet. This is key to keep the final price down, as we avoid paying a cut to all the middlemen that are typically involved in the fragrance industry.

Rule # 4: we do not spend big bucks on fancy marketing campaigns. We know you are too smart to be persuaded to buy a fragrance just because there is a famous actress on an ad. That’s why we don’t spend money on fancy campaigns. And pass on the savings to you.

That’s it. With these 4 simple rules, we are able to sell you a top luxury perfume for £20 instead of £100.

Join the fragrance revolution!