Why are luxury fragrances so expensive?

Have you ever wondered whether you are getting ripped off when buying a luxury fragrance? 

Are the $100 you spend for a 50ml Eau de Perfum really worth it?

The sad truth is that making of the actual scent you love spraying on yourself only costs $2, on average. 

What about the other $98 I pay for, you may ask. That money partly goes into necessary items such as bottle, packaging, and logistics; most of the money, however, is pocketed as profit by the brand, manufacturer and all the middlemen involved in the supply chain up to the store you buy the fragrance from.

Yep, it sucks.

At Purple Scent, we are reinventing how luxury fragrances are made: you get to enjoy the best quality, at a fraction of the price you would normally pay.

Stay tuned to learn more about our secret formula.